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Blog change coming soon

I have been extremely quiet lately. Lots and lots of exciting projects are coming! Together with Chi Anh from Door to my kitchen, I am planning up a storm! We are working on a lot of “secret projects” together, and new ideas are keeping on coming. Some times I wish I could extend time beyond 24 hours a day :)

For this blog, a new layout and content management is coming soon! A lot of work are going behind the scenes to ensure that the transition between bloggers and WordPress will happen smoothly. The ideas and posts of this blog won’t change, but I hope to keep it up to date a lot more.

So, before I head off, this is a snap shot of the upcoming site. I am excited! :))

Be back with updates soon…

Snake Bean
Just love this veg. I usually stir-fry them with lots of garlic and soy sauce. Throwing them into some Thai green curry is also very nice!
Hi all, thanks so much for the very best wishes for our wedding! We are so happy to share our happiness with all of you :).
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A birthday girl…

Birthday Flower for a birthday girl
"Twenty four and there's so much more...."

Thanks all the people I met for a beautiful life that I have had and will continue to have!!

And this is me... (hope I don't scare any of my readers...)

Birthday Girl

(Yes, this girl does have a “thing” for makeup which causes me a lot of troubles lately.
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