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Crème Caramel. Another childhood favourite

Crème caramel

I grew up in a world without cakes, pastries. Can you imagine that? But the reality was that when I was growing up, our country was poor. Supplies were extremely limited. Powdered milk and Milo was precious back then. We did not have any fancy American brands.… Continue Reading ...

Hokkien mee, our ‘Singaporean’ way

Singaporean Hokkien Mee

Food memories are something so precious. Perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of food blogging for me is to be able to read about food memories from many blogger friends. And sharing mine to the world, too. But food memories aren’t always from the past.… Continue Reading ...

Moist Maple Madeleines

Maple Syrup madeleines

I have not baked much lately. If there is anything to “blame”, it is this fitness and nutrition plan! I am feeling happier, and attitudes towards food have changed a lot, too.

My family misses my home-baked treats, though. It was not like we indulged all the time.Continue Reading ...