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Tomato Jam | Goodbye summer

My past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. So crazy I barely noticed how quick time was passing by. I realised that the heat of summer was no longer around. And I found myself taking out cardigans, jackets and scarves…. Where has my summer gone?Continue Reading ...

{Salad days} Viet-Russian Potato Salad & Chicken cabbage salad with tamarind dressing


Did I tell you my discovery this summer? Salad! Yeap, the simple, humble salads. I used to dislike salads.

Growing up in Vietnamese food culture, I was spoiled with the choices of veggies for meals. But most of the veggies are cooked, and we just did not embrace salad much.… Continue Reading ...

Poached chicken soup with amaranth greens and quinoa

Love my greens

This photo is full of happiness and bright, I can’t help but sharing it. :) A lot of love for green veggies around here! And in the photo, we have amaranth greens (rau dền)!

February is in, and I have started to change my life considerably.… Continue Reading ...