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Vietnamese custard apple (or soursop) smoothie

Oh hi, and Happy New Year!

It has been a while…. This blog has remained silent for the large part of the year after my Europe trip in October. I have been struggling to finish off the cookbook, start a new job while still try to retain my sanity.Continue Reading

My family’s cheeseburger recipe.

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My family's cheeseburger

I didn’t appreciate a good burger until our trip in New York. It was midnight and we were jet lag, cold and hungry.… Continue Reading ...

Panna Cotta with mango gelee

{Celebrating summer}

Panna Cotta with mango gelee

It is mango time, again.

I cannot get enough of them! The mango season this year has been great, and they are so reasonably priced at the moment. Summer is finally here, you know?

In Vietnamese belief, mangoes are considered to have properties of heat.… Continue Reading ...