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Easy spicy lamb skewers & a tangy burghul salad

Easy spicy lamb skewers & a tangy burghul salad

It rained the whole Saturday, and then the sun came out brightly on Sunday. It felt so sudden, but we are used to (or rather, fed up with) this typical Melbourne weather. I was thinking of my trip to Preston market the previous day, how I got soaked in the rain.… Continue Reading ...

Kimchi and potato pancake

(Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging!)

Kimchi Potato Pancake

It is a busy weekend here on A food lover´s journey. Yesterday, I posted about Vietnamese preserved mustard cabbage for Delicious Vietnam. And now, let´s turn to another famous Asian pickles, kimchi.

 I made kimchi once in a while, but most of the time I just buy a small container from a Korean grocery in the CBD.… Continue Reading ...

Cream cheese buns with kaya filling

Creamcheese buns with kaya filling

The morning after Ramadan. The air was crisp and cold. Out of habits in the past month, we still woke up way before sunrise. We waited for the morning birds to sing and break the night silence. It was a moment of transient and peace.… Continue Reading ...