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Harvest Joy #1 – French Breakfast Radish

Home-grown French breakfast radishes with butter and sea salt
Radish, butter & sea salt platter

It is a lovely winter day, with golden sunshine which warms up my space. Our family has been down with cold, and the days have been filled with lots of rest, tea, soups etc.

I hate being sick, especially when there are so many things I want to do.… Continue Reading …

Strawberry and yoghurt jelly. Hello sunshine!

Strawberry and yoghurt jelly

Oh moving, how much I hate you. The weekend was spent packing while the sunshine was so glorious outside. I so wish that I could just spend some time outside, in that small quiet park. With some book, and perhaps a really lovely ice-cream of some sort.… Continue Reading …

Best-ever Cocoa Brownie. And the miracle.

Cocoa brownie

I have been down with a really nasty flu this week. Second time this winter. With that comes medication, and hours staying inside without the strength to do anything interesting.

I learn something in the past few days – acceptance. My friend, H., she may never get well again.… Continue Reading …