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Summer & black sticky rice dessert with fresh mangoes

Oh summer, summer. While I cannot say I am in love with the intense heat on certain days, what summer is offering has just been a pure pleasure. We have spent a lot more time outside. Some days we cycle around our neighbourhood, discovering a lot of rabbits, a few cows and friendly sheep on the way. Other days, we travel to places with nice coffee and brunch. To be under the sun and warm weather has been absolutely fabulous…Continue Reading

Tamarind and Fresh Ginger Cake – an Asian inspired affair

tamarind ginger cake

Mars bar double chocolate cookies

There is a longing comfort in home baked goods. The not so perfect looking cookies , a piece of pound cake with a dome on top. And the unmistakable fragrance of butter, something I miss when eating out. Even restaurant dessert, you know, the upmarket “snicker bar” or whatever, sometimes it is just too foreign for me.… Continue Reading ...