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Baked bakery’s choc chip cookies

Baked bakery’s choc chip cookies

The photos in this post depart from my normal style, and playing to the ‘dramatic edges’. It wasn’t intentional but somehow I caught this angle of light, and I loved how it showcased the rough texture of the cookies. Not everything needs to be pretty.… Continue Reading ...

Heart "Imprint" Cookies

Heart imprint cookies

Oh, hello February! You are coming! Heck, where has January gone? I feel like time is flying by at a rocket speed! I am trying to get a new rhythm going. Part of it involves doing a “spring” cleaning of my pantry.… Continue Reading ...

Watermelon and rose granita – [summer]

Happy New Year

After the weird cold days, summer is shining back again in Melbourne. The heat is on, and I find it enjoyable.

 Summer means stoned fruits, cherries, lighter meals, pretty blossoms and sunshine until late. I am so much in love with the light, and my gardens.… Continue Reading ...