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My Mother’s Tofu in Fresh Tomato Sauce (đậu sốt cà chua). A guest post on The Well-Seasoned Cook

Hello, how are we?
I am embracing in a four-week leave at the moment to recharge myself, and focus on writing off some existing projects. I haven’t totally forgotten the blog world, but during this time, I am trying to limit my internet usage and care for some real life stuff :).… Continue Reading ...

Sticky rice with cassava and onion oil (xôi sắn/xôi khoai mì)

{Delicious Vietnam #14}


It is cold, and the rain hasn’t stopped. I wake up to the sound of the rain, and the wind. It has been so cold, and waking up in the 5C isn’t the easiest thing to do. After feeding Đen, it is time for my own breakfast, which is a simple affair for most days.… Continue Reading ...

Delicious Vietnam #12 – the Recap!

The roundup is here, finally. As usual, we have an amazing array of recipes,  food reviews and exotic food adventures. So exciting! 12 months ago, when I and Ravenous Couple started this event, we would not imagine that it would still be running until now.… Continue Reading ...