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Chè hai màu – Vietnamese two-color drinks

For Delicious Vietnam #12

Vietnamese dessert - chè

I have been busy, busy, busy… No time for myself, no time for a decent meal. It’s been insane. I’m travelling out this week, so the recap of Delicious Vietnam #12 might be a bit late. But it’s coming, I promise!… Continue Reading ...

Delicious Vietnam #10 – Deconstructing Vietnamese Coffee {Hanoi Style}

Perfect looking Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee, the sweetened version loaded with lots of condensed milk, has been the favourite snack of many in the western world. But truly, that weak and sweet coffee is nowhere close to the local version in Hanoi which is so strong, fragrant and almost liquor like.… Continue Reading ...

Happy Lunar New Year from Hanoi!

Hanoi & tet

Ahh what a feeling to spend the last moments of the Lunar calendar in my hometown, Hanoi. The moments are bittersweet….

Bitter moments when I realize that my hometown is no longer the same. It’s changed and evolved so quickly and I can hardly recognize it all.… Continue Reading ...