Food Photography: A passion, an addiction

This website is a record of my humble beginnings taking really bad photos, to the slow development of my own style.
Below are links to the equipment that I use. This is only for experienced photographers, if you are starting out, please contact me and I will give you a few pointers about a good starter kit.

{Melbourne cafe in film} Cibi Café, Collingwood

These days I often get my film processed in bundles, which mean it might took several months from shooting to actually seeing the final pictures. It is as though memories are locked away, waiting to be re-discovered at later time. This process is really long for me, since I do not use my camera asContinue ReadingContinue Reading

{Melbourne cafe in film} Visits to Pope Joan, Brunswick East, Melbourne

A few things I have learned lately: sometimes less is more & film photography is something amazing and magical. Around a month ago, as I picked up the vintage film camera for a test shoot, my phone died suddenly. At that point, I was so used to snap a lot of things, perhaps far tooContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Black and White Wednesday #46

It’s been ages since I joined my friend Susan’s fantastic photography event – Black and White Wednesday… My contribution is a still-life photo of cherries and pitch. On my window. Rainy day. For this week gallery, please head to  Hema of Hema’s Adugemane    

Food Photography in artificial light *a LONG post*

Friends around me know I have a special interest in food photography. It has been 5 years since this blog was open, and I have learned a lot from experience and others. I am not a professional photographer. All my works are experimental, and perhaps are often on impulse. So in this post, I have onlyContinue Reading

Back and White Wednesday #14

It’s time to check back to Back and White Wednesday, a culinary photo event organised by a good friend of mine, Susan from the Well-seasoned Cook. This time, I have a less-than-perfect photo of a vintage silver plate, and spoon. I bought this plate in a op shop near South Melbourne Market. It was aContinue Reading