Food Photography: A passion, an addiction

This website is a record of my humble beginnings taking really bad photos, to the slow development of my own style.
Below are links to the equipment that I use. This is only for experienced photographers, if you are starting out, please contact me and I will give you a few pointers about a good starter kit.

A moment in life #48 – Hanoi colors

At the moment I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to enjoy the last leg of my Lunar New Year holidays. Soon I will be home, hopefully inspired enough to start cooking again in the kitchen… Browsing through my photos to write up a post about Hanoi café for Delicious Vietnam makes me feel incredibly homesick.Continue Reading

A moment in life #44 – Light and Shadow

I said that before, I love watching how the sun light up my living room. (The house I’m renting is a bit different – the kitchen and living area are upstair). I like this set a lot for no particular reason. It was just one of those moments where everything was right – the lighting,Continue Reading

Oh the storm. Weekend Point + Shoot #2

It was stormy. Heavy rain. The rain has not stopped as I type out this post. (Isn’t it weird that I see some beauty in such stormy weather? A different kind of beauty, you know?) What a long weekend for Melburnians! Sigh.

Sweet Monday. Weekend Point + Shoot

Sweet Monday. Weekend Point + Shoot It´s Monday again and I´m racing to finish some more tasks before flying to Sydney for work. The weekend? Late nights, sleep in and brunch at home. A couple of hours at the gym. Kinda relaxing and ordinary. Point + Shoot – the weekend – my messy kitchen whileContinue Reading

A moment in life #30

For whom the roses smile? For all of us, of course 😉