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Kimchi and potato pancake

(Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging!)

Kimchi Potato Pancake

It is a busy weekend here on A food lover´s journey. Yesterday, I posted about Vietnamese preserved mustard cabbage for Delicious Vietnam. And now, let´s turn to another famous Asian pickles, kimchi.

 I made kimchi once in a while, but most of the time I just buy a small container from a Korean grocery in the CBD.… Continue Reading ...

Simple Asian Chicken Salad with fried vermicelli

Simple Asian Chicken Salad with fried vermicelli

Allow me to share my happiness. The weather has been rather good, and I can feel spring in the air. So close!

Last weekend we spent as much time outdoor as possible. It was a nice change to walk around the park in front of my house.… Continue Reading ...

Baked cassava cake (bánh khoai mì nướng)

for Delicious Vietnam #13

a slice of cake. and flower.

Living with the parents-in-law is different, and of course it presents itself a lot of funny little incidents along the way. My MIL apparently has learned a few things about me and Vietnamese culture. Her so-called facts include:

Fact #1: I use fish sauce.… Continue Reading ...