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Chè hai màu – Vietnamese two-color drinks

For Delicious Vietnam #12

Vietnamese dessert - chè

I have been busy, busy, busy… No time for myself, no time for a decent meal. It’s been insane. I’m travelling out this week, so the recap of Delicious Vietnam #12 might be a bit late. But it’s coming, I promise!… Continue Reading …

Green fresh almonds

{Weekend Herb Blogging #267 }


It looks like 2011 will be a great year for me, food wise. A few weeks back, I jumped with joy to discover fresh chickpeas for the first time.

And now, I am snacking on fresh green almonds.Continue Reading …

Vietnamese mochi balls with dark palm sugar filling (bánh trôi)

{Delicious Vietnam #9}

Vietnamese mochi balls (bánh trôi)

My grandmother must have been secretly worried about my marriage prospect when I was younger. I climbed trees, fought with the boys and refused to learn knitting or sewing. Oh well, at least I did learn how to cook.… Continue Reading …