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Strawberry forever. Recipe: strawberry chiffon cake

Strawberry Chiffon Cake #3

Where I grew up, we could not grow strawberries.

Living in a tropical country, while we had abundance of mangoes, custard apples, dragon fruits etc., we did not have strawberries. Available every summer were the local mulberry varieties – they were sweet and sour and made excellent cordial.… Continue Reading …

IIP – Noodles! Recipe: "Taco" Soba Noodles

Taco Soba

Okay, I am jumping up there, right on the food porn scale with this post!

It´s no gourmet food. But like the instant spicy ramen, this is something I enjoy. Occasionally, but with immense pleasure.

I remember the first time I heard of taco rice from a Japanese girl dressed in sweet Lolita fashion.… Continue Reading …

Delicious Vietnam #2 – Savory mochi dumplings in light broth (súp bánh ít)

For the second edition of Delicious Vietnam, I’ll take an unusual approach to re-interpret one Viet dish – Bánh ít (savory mochi dumplings)

Savory mochi dumplings in light broth (sup banh troi man)

So first off, what is “bánh ít”? It is one of those dishes that fall into the “dumpling” category of Vietnamese cooking.… Continue Reading …