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Green Inspiration. Recipe: Two-color pandan cubic milk bread

 Two-color pandan cubic milk bread

Uhm, not quite `cubic´ actually, but I´m happy with the look of this bread

I like pretty and cute things (who doesn´t?) And here are some of the favourite items I loved or spotted lately. (Which essentially means that I will be somewhat poorer after the online shopping spree).… Continue Reading …

IIP – Dumplings! Recipe: pan-fried savoury ‘sticky’ dumplings

pan-fried savoury

The word `dumplings´ brings back the memories of my uni days. It was fun and wild. I was living in a small but bright flat, sharing with two other girls. We hardly cooked at home and relied almost entirely on cheap takeaway food, the kind that I will not touch nowadays.… Continue Reading …

Random ramblings. Recipe: Sesame and coconut mochi cake

 Sesame and coconut mochi cake

We had storm, plenty of rain and now, a week of hotter weather. Sure, Melbourne is famous for its `four-season-in-a-day´ sort of weather. Still, it is not easy to adapt to such sudden changes.

Not sure it was because of the weather or something else, I was in a cranky mood today.… Continue Reading …