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Viet Cooking Session #2. Recipe: Tào ph

I kicked off this series of Viet cooking session last year and never had the chance to update since. Into 2010 (okay, it’s already March!), let’s get started on this again, shall we?

Tào phớ {Tofu pudding with ginger syrup}
tào phớ (tàu hũ nước đường) – Tofu Fa – Tofu Pudding with ginger syrup

~ The dish ~

I grew up with this dish!… Continue Reading …

Poh´s Kitchen Episode 2. Recipe: Roti! {At least I tried!}

I know I am incredibly slow watching this show. Let´s face the fact. A cooking show, no matter how excited it might be, can never deliver the same addiction level as a drama, or a soccer game. And if you like K-dramas (or J-dramas) as much as I do, you know what I am talking about!… Continue Reading …

Driving lessons. Recipe: chocolate covered sweet potatoes balls.

chocolate covered sweet potatoes balls

Right, so I am trying all my best learning how to drive.

Thing is, I am learning manual cars. Yes, the ones with the stick and gears. And man, it is so confusing to learn.

How many times did I stall the car?… Continue Reading …