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Black and White Wednesday #2. NYC

Susan would remember this scene. :-)

I took it in NYC last October while walking with Susan in NYC, cameras in our hands, forgetting the two gentlemen who were following us around. Such a lovely memory.

Check back on The well-seasoned cook for inspiring B&W culinary images.… Continue Reading …

Sticky rice with cassava and onion oil (xôi sắn/xôi khoai mì)

{Delicious Vietnam #14}


It is cold, and the rain hasn’t stopped. I wake up to the sound of the rain, and the wind. It has been so cold, and waking up in the 5C isn’t the easiest thing to do. After feeding Đen, it is time for my own breakfast, which is a simple affair for most days.… Continue Reading …

Weekend Herb Blogging #279 – The Recap

What a fantastic roundup of Weekend Herb Blogging. As usual, we have a variety of offerings, and I am enjoying all the delicious posts. Hope you do, too!

We will start with something sweet…

Honey baked figs with French Toasts by Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at least once

I love figs and always look for ideas of how to use them.… Continue Reading …