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IIP – Dumplings! Recipe: pan-fried savoury ‘sticky’ dumplings

pan-fried savoury

The word `dumplings´ brings back the memories of my uni days. It was fun and wild. I was living in a small but bright flat, sharing with two other girls. We hardly cooked at home and relied almost entirely on cheap takeaway food, the kind that I will not touch nowadays.… Continue Reading ...

The old favourite with a new twist. recipe: super moist banana bread

Super moist banana bread

The kimchi pizza post seems to quite a bit of mixed reviews, which I totally understand. Kimchi is not something everyone enjoys. And fusion food is such a grey area. It may not work all the time. It works for me, but may not for you.… Continue Reading ...

Pizza Pie Party! Recipe: Chicken and kimchi pizza (pie)

Chicken and kimchi pizza pie

One of my best (and coolest) friends ever, T., went to Korea for an exchange a few years back. Naturally, when we met later, I asked her about the culinary experience there. And one of those things that came up was this:

“there was hardly any good Italian stuff around” (Wasn’t she in Korea, not Italy?Continue Reading ...