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Turkish Dill and Feta Bun (poğaça)

Turkish Dill and Feta Bun (poğaça)

And celebrate Ramadan in style…

During Ramadan we naturally eat more Middle Eastern food in our house, particularly Turkish food. I owe these habits to all the friends & mothers I have known over the year. I didn’t have a Ramadan cooking repertoire under my belt before marriage. Now I do! A mix and match of different cuisines, an exciting mix and very much reflect the diversity in our paths.Continue Reading

Cream cheese buns with kaya filling

Creamcheese buns with kaya filling

The morning after Ramadan. The air was crisp and cold. Out of habits in the past month, we still woke up way before sunrise. We waited for the morning birds to sing and break the night silence. It was a moment of transient and peace.… Continue Reading ...

Sticky date scones – International Incident Party

Sticky date scones

August is my birthday month. Although I have kept it low key, my fellow Penny from Jeroxie kindly invited me and another August babe Cherrie of Sweet Cherrie Pie to co-host this month International Incident Party.

And we have scones!… Continue Reading ...