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The old favourite with a new twist. recipe: super moist banana bread

Super moist banana bread

The kimchi pizza post seems to quite a bit of mixed reviews, which I totally understand. Kimchi is not something everyone enjoys. And fusion food is such a grey area. It may not work all the time. It works for me, but may not for you.… Continue Reading ...

Fig magic. Recipe: Fresh fig jam

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Autumn is so here, I can feel it with all my senses. The early morning is getting colder and it´s so hard to get out of my warm bed. The best part of autumn? Beautiful light scarves are put into use.Continue Reading ...

Kids food – ABC pancakes

ABC pancakes

Do you remember the time in high school when life was so young and free? Back then, some of my friends said they did not want to marry early and maintain their independence. Strangely enough, time changes us. The girl T., who seemed to have the strongest idea and will of being an independent woman, actually married first among all the girls.
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