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Delicious Vietnam, the final edition. And some awesome giveaways!

It is time to say goodbye to Delicious Vietnam blogging event!

Delicious Vietnam has been running for nearly two years. I love the event to bit, and I’m sure a lot of my blog friends also feel the same way. However, maintaining an online event is a bit above me at the moment.… Continue Reading ...

Mini bánh tiêu (Asian fried sweet sesame donut)

{Delicious Vietnam #18}

Mini bánh tiêu (Asian fried sweet sesame donut)

Have I told you that Sunday is usually a big cooking day in my home? My MIL and I, having done most of our weekly chores, often cook together in the afternoon. We never really have a set plan.… Continue Reading ...

In the mood for steamboat (lẩu)

{Delicious Vietnam #15}


I admire people who take great photos of restaurants, or “on location”. I try, but often fail quite badly since it is out of my comfort zone as a amateur photographer. This time, though, I am trying to capture one of my favourite Vietnamese meals!… Continue Reading ...