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Dinner For One…

Dinner for one
The above photo is my entry for a Flickr group called Still life with. The theme for this month is Dinner For One… So when Mr. B was away, I cooked myself some grilled chicken wings (which has been marinaded in soysauce and hoisin sauce overnight). I couldn’t live without steamed greens and rice either!
I played with the styling a bit with the poppy flower. The shot was taken at night in a very well lit room and a reflector.
What do you think? And what’s your favourite “Dinner For One”? 😀

Volunteering at “Lentil as Anything”

So Lentil as Anything, a Melbourne restaurant, is famous for its philosophy that diners only pay for whichever the amount they think the meal is worth. But it is much more than just a restaurant with unusual hype. By volunteering at Lentil as Anything, I discovered a much more meaningful side of this restaurant, and it truly touched my heart.Continue Reading ...