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Food Safari is back this Thursday!

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Yay! I am excited. One of my favourite food shows is back! Unlike previous seasons, the fourth season of Food Safari, hosted by the gorgeous Maeve O’Meara, is entirely devoted to Italian cooking, with an Australian spin of course.

Italian Food Safari is the much-awaited next feast in the beautiful Food Safari
series… a celebration of the incredible breadth and hard work of the Italians
who came and settled in Australia over a generation ago and have kept their food
traditions intact. Mercifully, they´ve shared their food and culture with the
rest of us – and we´ve been delighted to embrace everything from classic dishes
to the most rustic home-style food.

Presented by food explorer Maeve O´Meara and legendary Melbourne chef Guy Grossi (Grossi Florentino, Mirka at Tolarno) Italian Food Safari spends time with Australia´s top Italian chefs and producers…. in fact the whole 13-part series is a culinary Who´s Who of Italian Australia.

Shot across Australia and covering the four seasons, Italian Food Safari introduces you to the concrete backyards full of abundant tomato and basil plants, the cosy home kitchens where masterpieces are whipped up, the elegant restaurants filled with delicious cooking aromas, the specialist providores and extensive delis, bakeries, cheese-makers and pasticcerias.

Source: SBS

I always think that Food Safari is one of a few high quality food shows that this country produces. It has successfully showed us a lot of different world cuisines that exist here in Australia. The best part? I like it when they feature home-cooking, which I think it is the soul of a cuisine.

The first episode is to air on Thursday March 18 @ 7.30pm on SBS1.
(I hope they provide podcast of the series since I will be home too late to catch the show. Reason: Work, meh!)

On a side note. I am writing up my experience with the best kebab ever. Also a Asian-inspired cake is on the way. Just too much work at the moment, so less time to blog!

Are you watching this? Poh´s kitchen is on tonight!

For your information (if you are not in Oz land, that is), Poh Ling Yeow was the runner up of last year hugely popular reality cooking show, Master Chef. She will return on Australian TV for a cooking show, where she travels around the country and tries out different recipes.
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