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LiveStrong – The battle is not lost

I am terribly late for A Taste for Yellow this year. Thanks to Barbara´s kindness, I have some time to get my act together and write this post.

Baby it's raining outside...

I thought this post would be easy to write. Yet, as I started it, emotions took over and I felt totally wordless. During the last few weeks, my grandmother was in hospital to undergo an operation to remove her tumour. It is a such blessing that she has recovered well so far, but we have been so stressed and worried. With my grandpa going through similar experience, cancer is no longer a stranger for us.

Still, my heart breaks whenever I know or hear of someone suffering this disease. My highschool friend H., as young as she is in her mid 20s, is at the final stage of cancer. We have not met for nearly 10 years, but my memory of her is so vivid. A young girl full of energy, with a big smile and kind heart.

Recently I got to meet up with someone who happened to be a doctor. We talked about H, whom we both know. To my surprise, this friend said something along the line of cancer has been such a normal thing for her to see so she has been numb to it. There is nothing to feel bad about. She just looks at the case and says there´s X or Y chance of survival. I am sorry, but I beg to differ. I am neither a doctor nor specialist. But I just know that you just cannot assign a number to someone´s life. Tell me that I am naïve, but all of us, having cancer or not, have the chance to live until the very end. All the cancer patients that I know have taught me tremendous lessons of hope, strength and courage… So don´t, my heart begs, don´t let your heart turn numb over things that matter.


You know, when it is said to me someone has lost the battle to cancer, I don´t necessarily agree. How can you say the battle is lost if through that we find wisdom, meaning of life, courage, strength, love, kinship and pain?..

Back to my friend´s story. Turning 20, she discovered cancer. In the past five years, it has not stopped her to realise her dream of going to a famous medical school. It has not stopped her to find love. It has not stopped her to smile and be the vivid H. we always know. The battle is not lost, you see?


We are supposed to cook something with yellow to celebrate this event. I come up with a simple snack – fried wonton. The filling is vegetarian and really simple: napa cabbage, fresh yellow sweet corn and toasted nori. The gentle sweetness of the filling makes the dish really refreshing although being deep-fried.

Fried vegetarian wonton in paper boat

Fried wonton with napa cabbage, corn and toasted nori

Ingredients: enough for 2-3 to share as snack.

Small wonton wrappers (the egg type): around 10-15 sheets

100g napa (Chinese) cabbage, thinly shredded

Corn kernel from one small corn cob

1 sheet of toasted nori, cut into small pieces with a kitchen scissor

Sesame oil and soya sauce to taste

Oil to deep-fry

How to

{} Mix the filling together. Adjust the seasoning with soy sauce. Add in a dash of roasted sesame oil. Mix well.

{} Put ½ tsp of filling at the centre of the wonton wrapper. Don´t over fill.

{} Moisten the edge of the wrapper with some water. Gather all the edge and twist to seal. Set aside and repeat with the rest.

{} Deep-fry the wonton in hot oil until golden brown.

{} {} Styling Idea: I use color paper to make a paper boat. Cut off the tall center and you will have a perfect `plate´. Choose deep color to contrast with the golden color of the fried wonton. Have fun!

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