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{Food Video} Dumpling social (the making of jiaozi)

When I started food blogging, food photography and recipes were something I focused on a lot. I have never been really good with words, so I feel that writing is not something I can use to convey food, my ideas of certain cuisines, or just the sense of it.

Fast forward, now I think sometimes I am guilty of over-do the food styling department a bit. Why does my food have to look incredibly faultless? I am not trained chef, and my food does not need to look like it comes out from a glossy magazine. I start to take more photos of ordinary food, simply styled and most of the time on our dining table (the dark brown table you see on all the food videos!).

I have been fortunate enough to experiment with new food media, such as food video. It is a lot more exciting, a lot more adventurous. I certainly cannot do it without the help and collaboration with others. The best thing of making food video is the food sharing part when we finish the shooting. Nothing can’t beat deliciousness!

The video I present today is our latest project – a video on making dumpling. Thanks to Mai Nguyen, Charlotte Chen, Viet X and Maryam Lu for their awesome work! The video was produced for Kitchen Art Vietnam, a special food business which I collaborated with the wonderful Chi Anh Dao in Hanoi (we just opened the first ever online kitchenware store in Vietnam! Check it out!).

Until next time, see you then. Hope you too enjoy the deliciousness! xoxo

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