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Kazuki’s in Daylesford & gorgeous autumn colors

We visited Daylesford, again. There is no doubt this small town is one of my favourite “local” destination. The town is full of styles and personalities.


This was my first visit in autumn, and it felt as though time ran in another dimension in this small town. While in Melbourne, autumn colors were just appearing, red and autumn colors were everywhere in Daylesford…


Our normal destination for lunch is the Lake House. But this time around, wanting something different, we headed to Kazuki’s. Settled in an old building at the end of the busy Vincent Street, the restaurant was run by Chef Kazuki in the kitchen and his wife Saori in front of house. I would describe their cuisine as fusion Japanese, combining elements of Japanese cuisines with Western techniques and local produces.

We arrived early, and the restaurant was not busy for a Saturday lunchtime service. The service was attentive and polite.


The highlight of the meal was definitely Mr. B’s Braised goat, celeriac, spiced daigaku imo, truffle pecorino. The goat was raised locally, and this dish did it justice. The dish had that balance of tender, gamey meat, spices and buttery crunchy phyllo roll. Served with Japanese style glazed sweet potatoes, it made perfect lunch dish. I ordered the duck dish, which had rare cooked duck breast, fried parsnip and foie gras “spring roll”. A fine dish where the natural duck flavours shined through. I personally prefer a bit of spices or zing here though.

Other mains were solid, but did not quite achieve the same level of finesse. My MIL’s Ocean trout, miso chowder, karasumi, Wombat Forest Organic´s vegetables was simple and delicate (I did taste a spoonful of the miso chowder, and it was dreamy good). My sister’s grass fed eye fillet with duck fat roasted potato was solid but uninspiring.


Desserts was standard flair. Molten chocolate cake – apple pie with milk gelato – Lemon Verbena crème brûlée, seasonal sorbet. The brûlée was forgettable, but milk gelato? Yes, please.

Kazuki’s is a solid offering in the exciting dining scene of Daylesford. The food wasn’t cheap, but matched with the quality of cooking and ingredients. …

After the meal we walked around town, enjoyed craft and vintage shops. Daylesford is especially pretty in this time of the year. Do come and enjoy!


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