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A moment in life #2 & Memes

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The First Sign of Spring

Don´t you admire such beauty?


And now, it´s now for some memes. But firstly I have to say a sincere apology to all of the lovely bloggers who have tagged me for several memes. My time for blogging is limited lately, so I hope you all understand for my slow reply…

For this very post, I am replying two memes – `8 random facts about you´ and `The Fantastic 4´.… Continue Reading ...

A moment in life #1

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First post of 2007….

is the picture of the beautiful lavenders….

Who painting the purple indigo to the sky
Who bring an aromatic scent flow into the air
Forgetting where are you from
Forgetting own your name
Just follow the scent with your deep breath
Just follow the purple with your eyes
Just touch the flowers with your heart
The unforgettable beauty of lavender

(By Alice Ho.
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