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MEME: Three things

After reading Brilynn’s post on Three things Meme, I decide to make my own list as well. Here they are:

Three things that scare me:
- Snakes
- Cockroach
- Rats

People who make me laugh: Dad, my Beeko and my best friend Trang

Three things I love: food, books and music

Three things I hate: Can´t think of any!… Continue Reading …


I have been down with a very bad fever over the last few days. It has been rather difficult since I had to work & study with runny nose and headache…

Hopefully I will be back at full speed soon….… Continue Reading …

Yeap, I made it!

After four years in uni, my graduation finally comes! I should have graduated last year actually, but for the love of being a student (!!!), I decided to stay on one more year for an honours degree. The consolation for being one year late is that my name is almost on top of the list.… Continue Reading …