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Poh´s kitchen episode 3: Almonds. Recipe: Almond and pear smoothie

{I know I’m slow in watching TV shows. There are other things in life, ya know?}

Pear and almond smoothie

It´s great to have Emmanuel back in the kitchen after an informative but rather boring episode. Episode #3 is all about almonds.

Image from ABC

Quick snapshot: Poh went to visit an almond farm in the land of Adelaide. Coming back, she and Emmanuel created really yummy looking dishes featuring almonds.

Interesting bits: This is the first time that I saw a green almond! Very cool in my book.

I also love how Poh created different dishes to bring out the special quality of almonds. Unlike previous episode with David, she was a lot more proactive in the kitchen this time, showing and experimenting different things. A kitchen princess she was.

With a more vibrant Poh and an ever amusing Emmanuel, the episode was quite entertaining. I actually think that Emmanuel should have his own baking show. I will surely tune in!

Boring bits: Uhm. I am not impressed or feel the urge to make any of the dishes. Okay, Emmanuel´s salmon with buckwheat tulies and almond sauce looks awesome. I am just in a “don´t bother” mood at the moment.

Pear and almond smoothie

Recipe: Despite of the uninspiring mood, I am making something featuring almond. Pear and almond smoothie to be exact. Unusual? Yes. But do try, since the flavor is awesome – rich, nutty but at the same time fruity and refreshing. The texture is not entirely smooth, but that´s the beauty of it. It is worth buying fresher natural almonds here. They have much superior quality compared to the old boring products at the supermarket.

Almond and pear smoothie

Inspired from here. Serves 2 short cocktail glasses

150g natural almond

2 pears, choose those with more tart note.

2 tablespoons agave nectar (or honey, sugar)

1.5 cups or more skim milk

Lemon juice, to taste.


Blanching the almonds by putting them in boiling water for 5 mins. Remove the skin and set aside.

Put all the ingredients except the lemon juice in a blender. Blend until smooth. Taste, and season with lemon juice. Chill well in the fridge before serving.

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Food Safari is back this Thursday!

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Yay! I am excited. One of my favourite food shows is back! Unlike previous seasons, the fourth season of Food Safari, hosted by the gorgeous Maeve O’Meara, is entirely devoted to Italian cooking, with an Australian spin of course.

Italian Food Safari is the much-awaited next feast in the beautiful Food Safari
series… a celebration of the incredible breadth and hard work of the Italians
who came and settled in Australia over a generation ago and have kept their food
traditions intact.
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Poh´s Kitchen Episode 2. Recipe: Roti! {At least I tried!}

I know I am incredibly slow watching this show. Let´s face the fact. A cooking show, no matter how excited it might be, can never deliver the same addiction level as a drama, or a soccer game. And if you like K-dramas (or J-dramas) as much as I do, you know what I am talking about!… Continue Reading ...