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Momofuku Cornflake-choc-chip cookies


You know I love Momofuku Milk Bar? In our last October trip to NYC (how time flies!), Mr. B and I frequently visited the place for yummy treats. Among the favourites was cereal milk, cornflake cereal and corn cookies. We were only partial to the pies there, since they were a bit too “American” to our taste.… Continue Reading ...

Burned bottom milk pudding – Kazan Dibi

{A Turkish style milk pudding}

EDIT – I made some mistakes in the measurement section of the recipe. It’s been updated now! Sorry for this, guys!

Burned bottom milk pudding(Kazan Dibi)

I found myself craving for milk pudding lately. Kazan Dibi (which literally means burned -bottom milk pudding), or similar.… Continue Reading ...

Rich dark chocolate cookies

Deep dark chocolate cookies

The cookie jar has such an important place in my family. Most of the time, it is filled with delicious cookies. But for the past few weeks, I was into cupcake testing and the cookies jar was left empty. My MIL decided to fill it up with store-bought shortbreads.… Continue Reading ...