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Mini bánh tiêu (Asian fried sweet sesame donut)

{Delicious Vietnam #18}

Mini bánh tiêu (Asian fried sweet sesame donut)

Have I told you that Sunday is usually a big cooking day in my home? My MIL and I, having done most of our weekly chores, often cook together in the afternoon. We never really have a set plan.… Continue Reading …

Harvest Joy #1 – French Breakfast Radish

Home-grown French breakfast radishes with butter and sea salt
Radish, butter & sea salt platter

It is a lovely winter day, with golden sunshine which warms up my space. Our family has been down with cold, and the days have been filled with lots of rest, tea, soups etc.

I hate being sick, especially when there are so many things I want to do.… Continue Reading …

The vegetables I love {a few of my favourite vegetable dishes}

 Tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella. This is summer on my plate!

Taking photos and writing for this food blog is a difficult process. Inspirations come randomly (almost). I don´t tend to plan things much, so a lot of good cooking often fails to reach this blog.

Often or not, I would finish photographing the ingredients for a particular dish, then go off cooking/baking.… Continue Reading …