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Vietnamese preserved mustard cabbage (dưa muối). Preserving memories.

Delicious Vietnam # 19

Vietnamese preserved mustard cabbage (dưa muối)

In my last trip to our home in Hanoi, I saw that my parents had been in the habit of making preserved cabbage (dưa muối) every week. They even invested in a special jar, just for that purpose.… Continue Reading ...

My family´s chicken congee (Cháo Gà)

Delicious Vietnam #17

My family’s chicken congee (Cháo Gà)

Back to the time I was in high school, one day a friend invited me to a small shop near the main cathedral in Hanoi. Supposedly, that shop had “the best chicken congee” in town. Tuned out, the shop did sell decent congee.… Continue Reading ...

Chè hoa cau (Vietnamese mung bean dessert soup)

Chè cook off – Delicious Vietnam #16

Chè hoa cau (Vietnamese mung bean dessert  soup)

Surprise! It is all about chè today. I have joined the force with my two favourite Viet girls – Phuoc from Phuoc’n Delicious and Chi Anh from Door to my kitchen – for a chè cook off.… Continue Reading ...