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Corn milk drink (sữa ngô/ sữa bắp)

{Weekend Herb Blogging}


One can find the most nourishing food in a mother’s kitchen, someone once told me. Wise and true. Some of the dishes I love the most come from my mother. And she doesn’t even cook that often, mind you.… Continue Reading ...

In the mood for steamboat (lẩu)

{Delicious Vietnam #15}


I admire people who take great photos of restaurants, or “on location”. I try, but often fail quite badly since it is out of my comfort zone as a amateur photographer. This time, though, I am trying to capture one of my favourite Vietnamese meals!… Continue Reading ...

Baked cassava cake (bánh khoai mì nướng)

for Delicious Vietnam #13

a slice of cake. and flower.

Living with the parents-in-law is different, and of course it presents itself a lot of funny little incidents along the way. My MIL apparently has learned a few things about me and Vietnamese culture. Her so-called facts include:

Fact #1: I use fish sauce.… Continue Reading ...