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Baked cassava cake (bánh khoai mì nướng)

for Delicious Vietnam #13

a slice of cake. and flower.

Living with the parents-in-law is different, and of course it presents itself a lot of funny little incidents along the way. My MIL apparently has learned a few things about me and Vietnamese culture. Her so-called facts include:

Fact #1: I use fish sauce.… Continue Reading ...

Chè hai màu – Vietnamese two-color drinks

For Delicious Vietnam #12

Vietnamese dessert - chè

I have been busy, busy, busy… No time for myself, no time for a decent meal. It’s been insane. I’m travelling out this week, so the recap of Delicious Vietnam #12 might be a bit late. But it’s coming, I promise!… Continue Reading ...

Vietnamese vegan papaya salad – Delicious Vietnam #6

(Nộm đu đủ/ Gỏi đu đủ chay)

Vietnamese vegan papaya salad (Nộm đu đủ/ Gỏi đu đủ chay)

It’s the Vegetarian week here in Australia, and I thought it is the perfect time to share this delicious Vietnamese vegan green papaya salad. It is a perfectly crunchy salad with that classic clean and refreshing South East Asian flavors.… Continue Reading ...