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Waking up for a wicked breaky treat!

>> Saturday, October 28, 2006

What do you normally do on a Saturday morning? Stay in bed after a late Friday night, getting all the sleep you want since you have had enough of early morning on weekdays? It sounds like me (^_^). I love sleeping in on the weekend, especially Sun after a Sat afternoon practising Aikido (not that I am an Aikido pro, but hey, it is still heavy exercising!).

Getting up late, I normally don't bother to have breaky, but stay hungry for a bit longer and have my brunch. But from time to t
ime, I do miss the special weekend breakfast treats at my homestay*. When I stayed with Kel, we normally survived on cereals & toasts for exactly 5 days before having tons of luxirious breakfast treats. You name it - pancakes, home made hasbrown, scrambled eggs, fritters etc. etc. It is always nice when someone cooks good food for you!!!

Anyway, this morning I decided to break my normal weekend routine by waking up early and doing some morning cooking. Ok, I was not that hardworking (!!!), but the real reason was because my friends stayed overnight at my place. And it would be a good gesture to provide breaky for them! This was a good start but hey, the lazy weekend gal in me did not totally disappear (*laugh*). Not wanting to spe
nd the whole beautiful Sat morning in the kitchen, I decided on one of the simplest yet tasty breakfast treats - scrambled eggs on toasts! And where I got the recipe from? Guess? Of course from my favourite celeb chef - Bill Granger!

Apparently Bill is famous for this scrambled eggs, which is served in his cafe' in Sydney. The Good Living section from the Herald Sun claimed this a definitive Sydney flavour. So it gotta be good. And I almost always trust Bill's recipe anyway. Having made a lot of his recipes, I haven't been disappointed yet. So in to the kitchen lazy gal, and start cooking!!

The recipe is extremely simple. The "secret" is to use cream instead of milk, which makes the dish very rich creamy. Although I love it, I know that my waistline cannot tolerate if I indulge too much (*laugh*). But once in a while, it is O
K I suppose.


Recipe from "Bills Sydney Food" my Bill Granger

(enough to serve 2 people, but guys may need more!!!)
2 eggs (use the organic or free range type if you can)

1/3 cup of cream (again, the better the cream, the tastier the end result! Use organic if you can)
a pinch of salt butter to fry the egg (I used ghee instead to reduce the chance of burning the butter and destroying my eggs!)
: a non-stick pan and a large wooden spoon
1. Whisk eggs, salt and cream together.

2. Melt butter in a non-stick pan over high heat. Take care not to burn your butter.
3. Pour the egg mixture in the pan, cook for 20 sec or until the edge is lightly set.
4. Stir the egg with a wooden spoon; gently bring the egg mixture from the outside to the centre. The idea is not to scramble the egg but fold them.
5. Leave to cook for another 20 sec. repeat the folding process. When eggs are JUST set, turn out onto a plate and serve with hot toast. (The egg will continue to cook when rest, so no need to cook longer. Otherwise the end result will be dry).

Note from Bill: do it in batch if you make more than 2 serves to avoid crowding the pan.
Note from ME: I ate this with a lot of pepper!


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