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Happy Holidays and other updates

>> Sunday, December 24, 2006

First of all, I wish you all great holiday season! I am having a very good break and I hope all of you are having good time, too....

The Menu for Hope campaign closed yesterday. The donated amount reached the new record of $58,281.70. A big thank for all of you who have donated and participated in the campaign. I am sure the money we have raised will assist the work of the UN World Food Programme.

Next, Kalyn has posted the final round-up for Holiday Cooking with Herbs. Do check out for great cooking ideas. All of them are so delicious. I have selected some to try out soon...!

The final news is from me personally. One week ago I received the full scholarships to start my PHD in March next year. I love university life and really look forward to be back. :) It means that I have to delay working a bit longer. But don't think I mind that at all...

Again, Happy Holidays to everyone who is reading this blog..! I will be back with more cooking later on after a good rest.


angie 6:38 PM  

Congrats Anh on your scholarship! It's always good to enjoy what you doing - studying. Have a enjoyable holiday and see you soon :)

Shaheen 12:24 AM  

Congrats on ur scholarship. And u can email me the kerala lamb recipe at I can look over it.

gattina 1:18 AM  

Anh, thanks for your lovely season's greeting! And what a great news!!! You must be an excellent student, besides of being a superb cook/baker! Congrats from the bottom of my heart!
Hope you'll see tons of presents after you wake up tomorrow morning (Christmas day), hehee.

Kalyn 1:53 AM  

Wonderful news about the scholarship. Congratulations on that, and happy holidays!

Cindy 4:58 PM  

Congrats on the PhD scholarship, Anh! (I just came out the other side, after 4 years, in 2006.) Your journey promises to be full of insecurities, frustrations, small satisfactions, boring stretches with nothing but your own motivation to push you on and, finally, absolute elation when you see that bound volume and submit it to the thesis office. I hope it is the enriching, life-changing experience for you that it has been for me.

WhItE_PoPlAr 6:28 PM  

Angie, thank you. I love uni life, not working! ;)

Shaheen, I will send you the recipe as soon as I can. Thanks so much.

Gattina, I didn't see tons of presents, but sweet ones! ;)

Kalyn, thank you.

Cindy, thanks. I had the taste of research life in my Honours year and still want to come back. BTW, congratulation on your completion! Hopwfully in three-four years I will get there!

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