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My type of Cherry Tart

>> Thursday, December 28, 2006

The cherry season in Australia this year has been wonderful. Cherries are available abundantly in the market at affordable price, which makes it a crime not to eat as much as possible. I love cherries – their elegant, tempting look and especially the wonderful flavor that cannot be mistaken or replaced with any other fruits. They taste great in dessert as well although the thought of pitting cherries one by one did make me hesitant… But having seen Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at least Once whipped up so many types of desserts using cherries, I know my laziness is not justified…

My initial idea of a cherry dessert came from my flatmate who wanted a cherry pie. So I searched high and low for cherry pie recipes and found a few. The one I particularly liked and almost made was by Rose Levy Beranbaum. Rose’s pie looked and sounded good but it somehow did not match my fantasy of a cherry pie/tart. I did not want a mushy cherry filling. I wanted my cherries to show their glorious colour… Continue searching, I came across this Mascarpone Cherry Tart made by Ivone of Creampuff in Venice. For a moment, I knew this was “it”. I loved anything mascarpone. Plus the tart had the “dream” look I craved for…

Although this was the first time I made tart/pie from scratch, I went after my imagination instead of following the recipe exactly. For the crust, I used the almond and butter piecrust recipe. Half of it went through all the blind-bake, then, filled with mascarpone mixture and baked again. For the other half, I used my cookies cutter to make little flower pastries for decoration. These were baked till golden brown, then; some were dipped in melted dark chocolate. The filling was easy. Following Haalo’s advice, I poached them with little sugar and water. The leftover juice was boiled till thickened. The tart was served with the thickened cherry juice and melted dark chocolate (I simply cannot get over the perfect combination of cherry and chocolate!).

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This tart was my fantasy… The “main character”, cherry, was naturally perfect. And the “supporting crew” was also brilliant – the rich crust, the underlying cheese “custard”, the cute little flower pastries and of course the dark chocolate… Wickedly delicious is how I would describe it…!

I owed a big thank to Haalo for answering all my questions on poaching and making the cherry pie. Your advice really helped me with this tart! Thank you!

The recipe for Mascarpone Cherry Tart can be seen here. The piecrust recipe is from Elise of Simply Recipes, view here.


Haalo 11:01 PM  

Your tart looks fantastic and I'm sure it even tastes better - you've done the cherry proud!

Rachel 2:46 AM  

This looks fabulous!

Brilynn 6:44 AM  

That is one beautiful tart. The cherries look perfect, I'm going to have to go dig some out of the freezer to snack on now...

Pooja 2:39 PM  

Oh my God!what a lovely cherry tart ! its really looking wonderful .
thanks for sharing
season's greetings to you .

angie 5:25 PM  

Anh, your tart is simply superb. Fantastic combination of buttery crust, fresh cherries and chocolate flowers. Perfect!

gattina 11:07 PM  

another master piece! Cherries look so lucious and plump! Almost no heart to break that beauitful crust to eat... wait a sec, I will :D
Rose Levy is only of my favorite bakers; she has very artistic meanwhile also very scientific. However, most of her cakes are too rich to my liking.
Have a happy new year my dear!

gattina 11:07 PM  

oh just a short note, the link to Ivonne's mascarpone cherry tart seems broken...

WhItE_PoPlAr 11:18 PM  

Haalo, thanks so much for your advice prior to my baking! :)

Rachel, thank you.

Brylinn, I admit I am snacking on cherries right now! ;)

Pooja, thank you for dropping by... Happy New Year to you!

Angie, yes, the cherry tart was kinda my dream tart! :D

Gattina, I wouldn't wait to eat it hahaha! Thanks for pointing out about the link. I have fixed it. Happy new year to you, too! :)

Ivonne,  1:36 PM  


This tart is my dream as well! It looks just gorgeous!

I'm so jealous that you are enjoying cherries. They are my favourite and I look forward to early summer here in Canada for that reason alone.

Thank you so much for enjoying my tart and for creating a beautiful one that will inspire me in future!

Geni 8:01 PM  

This looks absolutely fabulous. I am going to try this recipe, after making a cherry pie yesterday that turned out way to runny. I have to say your photography is also great. I look forward to checking out all your other entries.

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