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WBB # 8 - Kalyn's Greek Frittata

>> Sunday, January 07, 2007

The special topic for the current edition of Weekend Breakfast Blogging hosted by Saffron Trail is Christmas Special, where bloggers will present their best breakfast menu.

What did you cook for breakfast during the Christmas and New Year festive period? I admit being lazy and getting up late almost every morning. By the time I got up, it normally passed breakfast time. Never mind – that is why we have what’s called Brunch. But I am not much of a breakfast girl. Spending lengthy time preparing breakfast is not my thing. Something easy and simple should be on the list ( I don’t mind simple toasts or cereal even on special holidays!)!

Therefore, if I am “forced” to produce something special for breakfast, I would absolutely choose to make the Greek Frittata which I learned the recipe and detailed instructions from Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen. It was easy to make and wonderfully tasty for a Christmas breakfast. I love the combination of eggs and cheese – they are just heavenly matched. I think I did go overboard, putting a lot more cheese than specified in the recipe. Just that the Bulgarian Feta Cheese I got from the local deli was so tasty and nice that I could not stop adding it to the egg mixture… Never mind! You could afford a bit more of luxury in festive season! :D

I highly recommend you try the recipe if you, like me, love eggs and cheese. I would like to have this once or twice per week if I can get up early enough!



Kalyn 3:58 PM  

How fun. I am honored that you would feature my recipe. I say the more cheese the better, especially if you are not on a diet!

If it's ok, I'll add a link to my original post with your post about the recipe.

WhItE_PoPlAr 4:44 PM  

Kalyn, please link this post to yours if you wish. Thanks again for a great recipe!

sher 4:54 PM  

Beautiful pictures!!!! I too love all thing eggy and cheesey!!

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