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Hello... Autumn!

>> Friday, March 02, 2007

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Today (March 1) is the first day of autumn in Melbourne. Finally my beloved autumn has arrived with all its lovely characteristics – blue sky, cool breeze, yellow leaves and light sunshine. The weather will be milder, too. All those hot summer days when I feel like being roasted will gradually disappear… Can’t help smiling happily!

What a better way to celebrate autumn than with pumpkins? I opted for the small varieties called golden nugget squash. Seeing them at the market last week reminded me that autumn was near. And here it comes at last!

Initially I was not sure what to do with these squashes – making soup, stuffed with meat/rice etc.??? In the end, I decided to use them as shells to bake some creamy spaghetti. No particular reason, just that I felt a real craving for pasta. It turned out to be a good decision. Firstly, my craving was satisfied. Furthermore, I could use this post to participate in a new event – Presto Pasta Nights created by Ruth of Once upon a Feast. This event will be weekly, and Ruth will post the round-up full of yummy pasta dishes every Friday. Of course a noodle/pasta lunatic like me can’t afford to miss it. So Ruth, please count me in.

My first entry is not a very quick to make, but it is an easy one. After practically 30 mins in the kitchen, you just have to pop the stuffed pumpkins in the oven for 30-40 mins. Then, with a fork & knife (and perhaps a spoon) you have everything readily to serve. And the result does worth the wait. The creamy smoked salmon spaghetti is really delicious when eaten with the sweet yellow flesh of pumpkin. Not to mention the crunchy topping… I would love to have it again for dinner tonight. Only if I could buy these small squashes more easily!

Creamy Smoked Salmon Spaghetti Baked in Golden Squash

Inspired by Jody Vassallo

Ingredients (for 2 as main course)

2 golden nugget squash (small pumpkins)

100g spaghetti, cooked and drained per package direction

Olive oil

1 shallot, peeled and thinly sliced

1 clove garlic, crushed

100 (1/2 c) white wine

200ml sour cream

½ cup freshly grated parmesan

120g smoked salmon, cut into small pieces

Dill, chopped – to taste. I love it so I put quite a bit.


  1. Preheat oven to 180C. Cut spaghetti into shorter pieces.
  2. Heat oil and cook shallot & garlic until soften. Stir in wine, simmer until almost evaporated. Add cream and cheese, cook slightly thickened. Toss through smoked salmon, pasta and dill. Seasoning to taste.
  3. Cut the top of squashes, scoop out the seed. Fill the squashes with pasta mixture. With the cap on, bake them in oven for 40 minutes or until the pumpkin flesh softens. Remove the top at the last 10 mins of baking to achieve the golden crust.
  4. Serve hot.



Lydia 12:09 AM  

What fun! I've never seen a pumpkin stuffed with spaghetti before. Sounds like a great combination, and your photo makes it look absolutely delicious.

Precious Moments 1:18 AM  

yummy yum. this looks sooooo delicious.

Asha 1:43 AM  

Fall already!! We are looking forward to Spring!!:))
Photos are gorgeous.We are done with Pumpkins long time ago.Enjoy the Autumn!!

Ruth Daniels 7:44 AM  

What an awesome and original combination! The photos are gorgeous, too. Thanks so much for sharing this for Presto Pasta Nights.

What are you going to come up with next week? This is one hard act to follow.

Meena 8:03 AM  

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Believe it or not, I just discovered your's a few days ago and have bookmarked it. I'm in love with your photographs and recipes. Hope you dont mind a link exchange!

Will be back often! :)

Bron 8:40 AM  

Noooo! Please don't make it Autumn, it's only just started to really heat up at our place. I'd like a few more weeks of Summer yet, hehe
Your pumpkins look so inviting, great idea stuffing them with spaghetti, sour cream and smoked salmon are a couple of my real favourites, yum!!!

Susan 12:58 PM  

Anh, I have to admit, when I first read your title, I thought I made an error and was on an old post. :)

I truly love autumn and miss it terribly living here in Southern California. Your glorious photos and recipe are making me so nostalgic for it! Happy Autumn!

sher 7:17 PM  

What a clever idea stuffing the little pumpkins like that. And the pictures are just amazing. The colors are so pretty and really make me think of Autumn.

Shilpa 9:00 PM  

hey, very original! my first visit to your blog, and I like what I see! :) I'm looking forward to spring, but have been having autumn cravings (pears, chestnuts and figs) of late.

Truffle 3:06 PM  

Looks wonderful. What a great way to welcome the season!

Anh 5:17 PM  

Lydia, this dish makes me like pumpkin a bit more.

Edith, *wink*

Asha, I love spring, too. But autumn is my best favourite!

Ruth, thank you. Next week I am going for something simple. :)

Meena, I am glad to find your blog, too. :D

Bron, we are still having some hot days here in Mel. Wanna share? :P

Susan, I understand. Some of my friends live in Southern Vietnam, and it is hot all year round. They miss autumn and winter, too.

Sher, the pumpkin makes me think of autumn, too. Although we have pumpkin all year round.

Shilpa, enjoy you coming spring! I love seasonal products.

Truffle, thank you. Hope you are enjoying the season, too.

Gattina 9:05 PM  

there's no more better way to celebrate the coming of Fall than yours! Anh, you did an excellent job in food styling!

burcu 7:53 AM  

That's such a unique dish; I've never seen a pumpkin stuffed with spaghetti before. Beautiful!

Patricia Scarpin 1:21 AM  

Wow!! This looks wonderful!

A delicious dish beautifully presented.

Linda 3:18 AM  

wow this looks so hearty and warm! what a nice mix of flavors. i just found your blog. your photos are so beautiful.

Ivonne,  3:35 AM  

Oh Anh,

This is just stunning! I can't wait for autumn to try this here in Toronto!

Manggy 7:45 PM  

Oh Anh, that looks fanTAStic! I love how the pasta looks so toasty.

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