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Green Tea Cupcakes

>> Sunday, March 25, 2007

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I always love the flavour of green tea (matcha), especially in dessert. One of my favorites is the Green Tea Gateaux from Crown Bakery in Swanston Street, Melbourne. This bakery is very popular among the Asian students probably because their products suit our tastes more. Recently I have seen similar cakes in other bakeries and the ones I have tried so far have been very good.

Matcha is a green tea powder used in Japanese tea ceremony. However, nowadays it is also widely used to flavour other things like noodles, desserts, drinks and ice creams. Matcha matches really well with rich and creamy desserts. It helps to cut back the richness and bring out a beautiful balance of flavours. The principle is very similar to matching coffee with frosted milk in a latte and cappuccino or with cream in Vienna coffee. Matcha also has a lot of health benefits with its antioxidant properties.

Having craved for some nice green tea cakes for some time, I finally had a chance to make them for a gathering. The cake batter was the result of a little modification from Magnolia Bakery’s vanilla cupcake recipe. It was light, fluffy and flavorsome. I will probably keep this as my basic cake recipe. For the frosting, I used Chockylit’s Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting, which was very creamy, rich and satisfying. I did increase the quantity of matcha because my matcha powder was not that strong. The frosting was really a nice bonus to the airy cupcakes, but even without it, they would still be perfect.

If you are looking for the recipe, please visit Chockylit’s post. Her cake batter is very similar to Magnolia’s recipe that I modified. The frosting is a keeper but next time I may use only half of the indicated amount since I prefer thin frosting on my cake.

I am submitting this post to Weekend Herb Blogging. This event was created by Kalyn, and the current edition is hosted by Kate from Thyme for Cooking. The featured “herb” (in broad sense) is of course matcha.


Lydia 12:15 AM  

Such lovely cupcakes! I've been trying to incorporate more matcha into my cooking, because I read that it is so good for you. Thank you for the cupcake inspiration.

Meeta 12:15 AM  

Anh, that looks so gorgeous. It's the kind of cupcake you want to lick the frost off first before you bite into the cupcake.

Gattina 12:51 AM  

very cool :D

Brilynn 1:20 AM  

I'm not such a big fan of drinking green tea, but I like the flavour in desserts!

Katie 1:52 AM  

I love green tea but have never thought of using it in a sweet.
I assume 'matcha' is a powdered form. I definitely have to find an Asian market. First I have to get to a city big enough to have one... ;)
They're so pretty!

Patricia Scarpin 9:32 AM  

Anh, I'm stunned by your cupcakes beautiful color!

I have never cooked/baked with green tea and your recipe would be a great start.

Angie 9:56 PM  

I love this green color, and the last crumb looks so soft!

Angie 10:38 PM  

Anh, I forgot to ask, you added matcha powder to the batter right?

Helene 11:14 PM  

Since everyone here is so fond of green tea, I´ll give it a try. :))

Asha 11:24 PM  

OMG!!! Look at that color Anh!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sandeepa 2:09 AM  

Never tasted green tea in food before. I do try the tea bags but they do not have that much flavor. Is "matcha" there in the tea bags too or should I get the powder ? My apologies if I sound dumb

The cup cake looks so awesome. I loved that colour and the texture

Anh 7:52 AM  

Lydia, I am trying to incoporate more green tea in my diet, too.

Meeta, thanks. I agree with you, the frosting is heavenly!

Gattina, thanks pal :D

Brilynn, your preference is pretty much like mine. I think green tea flavour shines in desserts.

Katie, yes, matcha is a powder tea.

Patricia, thanks for your lovely comment.

Angie, :). I mixed matcha powder with some hot water to form a paste, then added it to the batter. My matcha didn't dissolve easily that's why.

Helene, do give it a try if you can. :)

Asha, thank you.

Sandeepa, the green tea bag is sencha, which has wicker flavour than matcha. Matcha is green tea in powder form, and the flavour is stronger. Both sencha and matcha should be available from the tea specialist. Hope this helps!

Precious Moments 10:04 AM  

Anh, is the frosting ultra sweet? YOur cuppies look delicious.

Kalyn 2:13 PM  

Very gorgeous and inventive. I love the sound of it. (I dare say that if I was there I would completely abandon my diet for one of those cupcakes.) And I see you have discovered the blog of the master cupcake maker, I met her at Blogher last year!

sher 3:48 PM  

Oh Anh--these are truly wonderful. They have it all. I find that photo irresistible--can't stop looking at it!!!

joey 11:09 AM  

Those look really good Anh! Such fantastic photos! I wish we had more green tea snacks here. There is a Japanese restaurant that serves a matcha ice cream that I love but that's about it! Must hunt this ingredient down!

Sharmi 12:13 AM  

Hi Anh, First time in your blog and was awed by all the unique dishes and their lovely presentation. The green tea cupcake looks so delicious and creative. very tempting too. wanted to comment on each and every recipe of yours. the sesame miso tofu n eggplant skewers are amazing. I also loved the yoghurt bread. you have a beautiful blog.


Truffle 7:46 AM  

They're gorgeous! As another green tea lover they looks delightful!

Anh 7:57 AM  

Edith, the frosting is not overly sweet. You can adjust the amount of sugar :)

Kalyn, I love Chocolyt's blog a lot. She's very creative!

Sher, thank you.

Joey, matcha ice cream is my ultimate weakness. :D

Sharmi, thank you for your sweet words. :)

Truffle, go go matcha! Just love them so much.

Jess 1:16 AM  

Looks delicious! And it's good for the body too because of the green tea ingredient.

Dr.Gray 11:36 PM  

Love green tea in baked goods. You should try this in these cupcakes - baking matcha.

Tava Tea 4:14 PM  

Looks delicious :)

Sprinkles 1:25 PM  

Love your green tea cupcakes and have featured them in our post Melbourne is pretty great huh!? :)

martin 9:20 AM  

This looks yummy... Green tea cupcakes are one of the most delicious deserts. Thanks for the recipe. I didn't know it and I can't wait to try it.

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