A moment in life #27

I live because I believe...
Photo: Somewhere in the middle of Sydney and Melbourne

A thought that I had today :)

I am having a cold (again!). Not nice at all since there are a lot of things to do and I am set to travel down to Melbourne tomorrow. Gotta get better soon hopefully. I have been home since this afternoon sleeping in my comfortable bed. Now I am having a nice cup of Japanese green tea (the kind that has roasted rice in it). Very aromatic and so warm.

Have a nice Wednesday my friends!



Anonymous 8:58 PM  

hmm i dont think your rss feeds work and dude you should put your email on your blog -jane

Rosa's Yummy Yums 9:11 PM  

A beautiful shot! Get better!



Patricia Scarpin 12:31 AM  

Get well soon, darling!

Faith 4:10 AM  

What a lovely photo! I hope you feel better soon!

Susan 4:36 AM  

Sorry you're not feeling well, Anh. Have plenty of that beautiful genmaicha tea. : }

Gloria 9:06 AM  

Love the picture, I hope you will be well soon! xoxo Gloria

Anh 10:44 AM  

Anonymous: This site is updating my new domain. I'll add the contact detail later. T

Rosa, thanks.

Pat: I am still off/on, warm/cold. :(

Faith, thank you!

Susan, I certainly drink the tea to keep me warm!

Gloria, thanks!

Lisa 11:34 AM  

Your blog is positively gorgeous and inspiring! Thanks for visiting, because an excursion into this treasure trove made my evening.

Manggy 4:52 PM  

Hi Anh, sorry to hear about the illness :( Get well soon!
Your rss feed is working fine!

ChichaJo 10:39 PM  

Hope you feel better soon! I also like ginger tea when I have a cold or sore throat :)

Lucy 11:33 AM  

I have a nasty cold, too. It's icky...

Get well, dear Anh - that photograph is divine.

I LOVE the new look of your blog - well done, gorgeous. Get well soon! XX

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