Random ranting. Recipe: finger banana fritters with maple syrup

Coconuty banana fritter

Anyone of you watches Mad Men? It’s my absolutely favorite show. Oh my, Don Drapper is super hot! I also love the writing and the casting. It seems like an almost perfect show.

I need to apologize for the photos. I am not really fond of this set. Normally natural lighting is what I prefer when taking food photos. However, recently I also experiment to shoot at night. Sometimes it works (like the matcha fro-yo shots) but I just miss the unevenness and softness of natural lighting. More experiments are needed for me.

Nonetheless, let’s talk about food. These finger bananas were selling like hot cakes at my local market. They are so small and cute. Unlike the normal variety, these bananas have firmer texture and not as sugary sweet. That is why I prefer those. Back in Vietnam, these bananas are very common. In Australia, they are harder to find and a bit dearer. So finding them is a perfect excuse to indulge in some simple banana fritters.

Banana and flower from the market

I came up with the fritter recipe after a bit of experiment in the past. Adding corn flour and baking powder to the traditional batter adds beautiful crunchiness. Coconut milk is sort of a one-off thing, given that I have some left over in the fridge. A lot of people would serve banana fritters with ice-cream. I just love them warm with a good drizzle of maple syrup.

A sweet ending like this is what I love!

Sweet ending

Finger banana fritters with maple syrup

This recipe also works for the normal banana variety. Just cut them up in smaller portion.

Around 6-10 finger bananas
Oil for deep-frying

100g flour
50g corn flour
A pinch of salt
¼ tsp baking powder
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons thick coconut milk
1 egg
100ml water (you may not use all of this. See the recipe)

Make the batter first. Combine the flours, salt, baking powder and sugar in the bowl. Add egg, coconut milk and some water. Stir to combine. Adjust the amount of water so that you have a batter free of lump. The batter should not be thick and it should coat the back of a spoon thinly.

Peel the banana and half lengthwise.

Heat oil. Dip bana slices into the batter and coat thoroughly. Deep-fry until golden. Serve warm with maple syrup.

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shez 11:45 AM  

We just bought two bunches of these baby bananas (my mum pointed them out to me as I walked in the door "Look! Malaysia bananas! Real ones!"

Love the tip re a crunchy batter. I'm going to have to give this a shot!

shaz 11:51 AM  

I do miss the asian banana varieties - your photos look great even at night - how do you light it? I have problems with light too, I usually cook at night, but have to wait for day to shoot and sometimes I'm too busy and don't end up doing it.

Anh 11:57 AM  

Shez, I like them. Malaysian bananas. :D I think my MIL may call them by that name, too.

Shaz, I use some kinds of light box to light the place. It works, but not as beautiful as natural light. I guess I am not used to it yet.

Betty 1:09 PM  

Mm.. yum!! The small bananas in Vietnam are so nice & sweet! I love em. I love banana fritters too, I get them whenever I go to Cabra :) Yours sound fabulous too!

Cakebrain 2:36 PM  

oh my! that looks delicious! I don't often buy the little bananas because I have a feeling they travelled too far to get to Vancouver and might not taste as good as if you got them locally. Your finger bananas look like a different variety than the little asian ones we get here.
Whatcha talkin' about apologizing for the photos? They look good! In Canada, I have to use my Lowel Ego lights all the time during winter.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 3:11 PM  

To die for! I love your shots!



Ravenous Couple 3:13 PM  

We love this! Intresting use of maple syrup. We love the traditional coconut with toasted sesame. Glad you like the greeting cards and send them to your friends/family--it's a family affair-i took the x-ray photos and my parents put together the greeting cards.

cookingpractice 5:21 PM  

Ghosh, amazing photo!! wish i could make some just half of yours! :D

Cooking-Gallery 6:06 PM  

This looks like a very typcial South-east Asian snack/dessert. I am not a banana lover, but I am sure my husband would love it, he eats bananas every day...!

Julia @Mélanger 9:01 PM  

Why are you excusing your photos? They are great! Like this dessert. I have a weakness for banana fritters. So much so I craved them for five years while living in Boston - the ones from a local place here in Brisbane. Was the first thing I ate when I came home! :)

Heavenly Housewife 9:01 PM  

This looks heavely. I've never had anything like this before,

Anita 10:55 PM  

What a great idea! these sound fantastic!

Faith 1:42 AM  

This sounds fantastic with the creamy banana, the crispy coating, and sweet maple syrup! A truly perfect combination! I completely agree with you about the natural lighting...for some reason, I find my pictures don't come out as well if I don't use natural light.

Vijitha Shyam 1:43 AM  

Hey girlie!
Even Indians make this. Its a yummy snack that goes gr8 with our chai (tea).

Awesome pics lady! good job :-)

lisa 5:13 AM  

Your fritters look incredible! I've just received the first dvd of the first season of Mad Men. I'll start watching tonight!

Pam 9:46 AM  

I think the photos look great, and the lighting is perfect.

Isabelle 11:14 PM  

I love your banana fritters!
Beautiful photos!

bittersweetblog 12:53 AM  

I've never had fried bananas before... But it sounds like simple, comforting food to me!

Best of luck working at night with lights... It's what I usually do these days, since I'm out during the day for my job. I'm hoping to make more posts about flash and such very soon, so maybe I can offer some helpful pointers? I hope so, at least!

Sylvia 10:12 AM  

I bet my husband love this. And thanks for thr tip.
By the way i love your artificial light, very pretty

Jo 2:40 AM  

Banana fritters (or goreng pisang) has got to be one of my favourite. And for sure Malaysian bananas are the best, especially pisang emas!

Cynthia 10:26 AM  

Your photography is edible art.

Megan@Feasting on Art 5:16 PM  

I think this is my favorite post so fa. I love bananas and you have found a way to make me even more obsessed!

Chef Fresco 2:48 AM  

Hey thanks for visiting our blog! These banana fritters look delicious!

Kevin 8:15 PM  

Banana fritters sound so good!

Natashya KitchenPuppies 8:57 PM  

They look great! I have never tried the little bananas, we don't seem to see them here in Canada.

thecookieshopinenglish 6:09 AM  

Gorgeous pictures as always... And the recipe is SO yummy!

veron 6:21 AM  

The pics are gorgeous! And I love banana fritters, I'd eat them anytime of the day.

Cookie baker Lynn 6:23 AM  

I've never tried banana fritters, but they look wonderful!

the twins 8:46 AM  

i love fried bananas! weird since i don't even like bananas normally, but i guess anything is good fried =)
yours look so good, thanks for the recipe!

Johanna 8:52 PM  

I love banana fritters - never had them with maple syrup but it sounds superb - not sure if I have had those finger bananas but will look out for them

Gloria 1:00 AM  

This banana look awesome and delicous, love your pictures, are georgeous!!! gloria

NQN 9:58 AM  

Hehe funny you mention the photgraphy as I thought that it looked gorgeous! Well done on your experimentation! :)

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge 2:23 PM  

what absolute drool factor!

Dharm 7:34 PM  

banana fritters, what we call Goreng Pisang in Malaysia, are one of my favourits. Even better when it is served with maple syrup !! I love your pics too!

MeetaK 10:49 PM  

oh i love banana fritters. why did i miss this? these llok lovely anh!

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