Dust storm & a favourite mid-week meal – roast hoisin chicken

Speedy meal!

Coming back to Sydney after an unexpected long weekend in Melbourne, I woke up to a thick dust storm this morning. At first I thought it was just foggy but the red haze said something differently. As I am writing this post, the dust layer is getting thinner but still, everyone can feel the thick dust in the air as we breath in…

I may be a bit quiet these days. Several posts are lined up, but I have not been able to get around them yet. I am travelling quite a bit this month, so the normal routine is kinda interrupted. During the last few days, I did fall off the wagon with sensible eating. And trust me, sensible is not in the dictionary if you have a chance to celebrate Eid in a more traditional way. I was stuffed with so much sweets, my whole heart danced on sugar high. I would not complain though. How could I if I was able to taste some amazing home-made Turkish baklavas? Imagine layers of crispy filo pastry with pistachio and velvety sweet syrup. There were also an airy light cake, also soaked with syrup, and the Turkish version of marshmallows. All home-made and totally delicious! And not to mention some really delicious Bangladesh-style chicken biryani and haleem as well.

Coming back home, to my horror, I found an almost empty fridge. Literally, there was almost nothing left. This was when whatever in the freezer came to rescue and I managed to get some roast hoisin chicken out for dinner. Don’t you just love the freezer and feel proud of yourself for preparing things ahead?

Anyway, I really love this recipe. The flavours are pretty much inspired from char siu (Chinese-style roast pork), something I no longer eat. I have adapted the method of cooking char siu here but without the red food coloring. Also, char siu tends to be overly sweet for my taste (my family used to call them ‘candied pork’), so I aim for a more savoury-sweet balance in my recipe.

It is worth making this recipe in large batch and storing in the freezer. I intended to use the leftover hoisin chicken for steamed buns but we always finished it before the dough was even made. There is next time though, right?

Hoisin chicken is best served with some hot steamed rice, steamed seasonal vegetables and light Asian-style vegetable soup (like miso). I have also tossed the chicken pieces through some salad and it is really good.

Hoisin chicken rice

Roast Hoisin Chicken

Loosely based on Andrea Nguyen's char siu recipe

1kg chicken thigh fillet

3 cloves garlic, minced
3 tbp brown sugar
1 tsp Chinese-style five-spice powder (available at Asian shops)
5 tbp hoisin sauce (I used Lee Kum Kee brand)
1 tbp honey
3 tbp light soy sauce
2 tbp dark soy sauce
1 tbp sesame oil

{} Make the marinade by whisking all the marinade ingredients together. Set aside about 1/3 of the marinade. Pour the rest over chicken and marinade overnight.
{} Preheat oven to the highest temperature setting. Position the baking rack in the middle of the oven. Bring the chicken and the reserved marinade to room temperature.
{} Put a baking rack over the baking tray. Place the chicken on the rack. Avoid overcrowding.
{} Roast the chicken for around 30 minutes. Turning the chicken occasionally and basting it with the reserved marinade. The chicken is cooked when clear juice comes out when piercing into the middle of the piece.
{} Remove from the oven. Let the meat rest for 5 mins before slicing and serve. The left over can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Note: To heat up the thawed roast chicken, I like to lightly pan-fry them with minimum oil, little water and extra hoisin sauce to keep the flavours going.



Peter G 12:31 AM  

Yes, the dust storms were a bit of a surprise! I do like your hoisin chicken though...perfect with the rice and the greens! Thanks for sharing.

cookingpractice 1:02 AM  

yummy! i love asparagi and meat roasted with hoishin sauce! even my little nephew likes it a lot either!

Little Corner of Mine 2:02 AM  

Love your roast Hoisin chicken, looks delicious!

Faith 4:34 AM  

Eid Mubarak! I've never experienced a dust storm, I hope everything is ok! Your roast hoisin chicken looks perfect and so healthy!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 4:37 AM  

A deliciously healthy dish! Yummy!



shaz 8:31 AM  

This hoisin chicken sounds great, I find char-siew pork too sweet too. And how freaky was that dust storm, I thought the building next door was on fire.

Johanna 10:06 PM  

yes I love producing something I made earlier from the freezer - so satisfying when the fridge is bare

hope the dust does not infiltrate your home

happy travels!

Megan@Feasting on Art 10:31 PM  

Nothing like a bright orange glow to get you out of bed at 6AM! I was glad I woke up for it as it is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

I envy your mid-week meal. It looks so delicious!

desperate.viz 5:25 AM  

your blog is gorgeous!
I added it to my links

I just saw the "surface" and now I'll go and merge in your recipes!

see you soon

Belle@Ooh, Look 10:04 AM  

Fabulous recipe, I've been looking for something interesting and easy to do with chicken thighs and this is it! Thanks.

NQN 8:00 PM  

Gorgeous photos Anh! Love the white light in it. Funnily enough I hesitated taking photos that day but the light in the afternoon was beautiful and quite white (unlike the super yellow afternoon light).

Bong Mom 11:57 PM  

Hoisin Chicken looks perfect. Have you finished your studies, Congrats then

Gloria 2:07 AM  

I love this dish and as always your pictures look stunning!! I love these, I hope your well and take care.huggs! gloria

I comment in your preview post, xxxx

From Me 5:07 AM  

Oooh this looks great!

Natashya KitchenPuppies 8:28 AM  

Looks stunning! Such gorgeous photography. We don't get dust storms here, they sound scary!

Callipygia 9:48 AM  

I do love hoisin sauce... and I happen to have a bit of pork too, think I'll try your new & improved sauce with it! A nice way to end the festivities?

Lele 3:05 AM  

That looks so yummy! Hoisin sauce is one of my favorite ingredients- it's SUCH a shortcut to really complex-tasting food. I really love it in pork and broccoli stir fry, too.

Cynthia 6:21 AM  

I like your POV on the challenge

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