Things have been busy around here...

Fruit skewers with warm chocolate sauce

Things have beeb so busy around here. There's personal and family matter to attend to, decisions to be made...

My flat is in a mess, and I struggle to find the time to balance between work, study, and other things in life. Sometimes I wonder if it's time I made a decision to focus on what I want to do rather than running around meeting others' expectation.

Hopefully things will light up real soon.

I leave you with a simple dessert that I styled and shot recently: Fruit skewers with dark chocolate sauce, warmed up with some cinnamon and nutmeg. It was so good, really.

Fruit skewer - top view



Jo 11:35 PM  

Simple dessert but delicious. Love the presentation and colours.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 11:56 PM  

Very well presented and wonderful! Unfortunately, i'm not a big fan of the chocolate-fruit combo ;-P...



Faith 1:02 AM  

I hope everything is alright. This looks delicious, dark chocolate and fruit (especially strawberries...yum!) are a favorite combination of mine!

Ravenous Couple 5:59 AM  

hope everythings ok!

bittersweetblog 9:43 AM  

If it helps any, you're definitely not alone in any of those struggles!

This looks like such a fantastic treat despite all of that. I hope you get things more under control soon. :)

Johanna 10:19 AM  

yum - this looks like a great idea for summer - glad you could find the time - life does seem to get in the way of blogging doesn't it!

veron 12:59 PM  

This looks so delectable! I hope things lighten up around you soon. It's always hard to meet other people's expectations. Time to focus on you.

shaz 2:08 PM  

Beautiful photos again Anh! Love the addition of nutmeg as well as cinnamon. Have a great weekend and hope you get some time to yourself.

Kitchen Flavours 4:01 PM  

Fruits with chocolate is delectable... love that spicy chocolate fondue....looks appetizing,,,,

Paris Pastry 5:43 PM  

Oeh! I looove fruit fondue! Delish!

ChichaJo 9:37 PM  

Hope things get better soon...hang in there! This looks delicious :)

Arwen 9:42 PM  

I like the idea of adding the spices to the chocolate, and your melon balls are beautifully colourful. I hope you get some free time soon!

Patricia Scarpin 11:53 PM  

Hang in there, darling. My fingers are crossed here for you.

Hillary 3:54 AM  

This is such a great idea for entertaining! You should submit this recipe to!

Callipygia 6:08 AM  

I relate to this- it is so important to sneak bits of joy and color into a busy life. Like these fruit kebabs. Hope you find that balance!

Elle 9:02 AM  

Hope life simplifies for you soon...although if it includes making a beautiful dessert like this, maybe not :)

Y 9:08 AM  

Here's to hoping everything sorts itself out, Anh! :)

Pam 12:51 PM  

Beautiful pictures!

Paz 5:01 AM  

I know the feeling of being busy. I love your dessert recipe here. Yum!


Deeba @Passionate About Baking 12:32 AM  

Simple & stunning. Very nice pairing Ahn. I love fruit with chcolate pairings.

tigerfish 3:23 AM  

Hope everything is alright :)
These fruit with chocolate can definitely sweeten things up !

Justin 3:56 AM  

your dosa is a work of art

Karine 11:59 AM  

Your pics are so delicious!

I also hope everything is all right for you

Forager 9:23 PM  

Just stumbled across your blog - great photos! Will be back for more!

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