Delicious Vietnam #12 – the Recap!

The roundup is here, finally. As usual, we have an amazing array of recipes,  food reviews and exotic food adventures. So exciting! 12 months ago, when I and Ravenous Couple started this event, we would not imagine that it would still be running until now. So, thanks everyone who participated and supported us.

Before proceeding, just a note that Delicious Vietnam #13 will be hosted by Jing of My fusion kitchen. Please send your delicious entries to her before May 15, 2011 to myfusionkitchen[at]


Vịt Tiềm Bí – Tonic Duck Noodle Soup with Spaghetti Squash from rauom

“The central appeal of the dish is the use of thuốc Bắc (traditional Chinese medicinal herbs) that give the duck and broth an ancient, mysterious fragrance…”

Chicken Pho (Pho Ga) from Door to my kitchen

“…Today I am introducing to you the Pho as I know it. Not the famous Pho you’d find in those Hanoi Old Quarters with their traditional sweet bone broth (and also the infamous amount of MSG they use), but the Pho I grew up with in my home, made by my Mom on those lazy weekends when we wanted comfort food on the table within a flash…”

Ginger and pork, prawn claypot rice from My fusion kitchen

“….I have tried to give a little bit of my ‘Fusion’ touch by using ginger marinaded pork (used a lot in Japanese food) and granny smith apples. I have also used vinegar in the sauce and it goes so well with pork and apple. The rice pot is light and refreshing!”

Cà ri gà (Vietnamese chicken curry) by Javaholic

“There are many recipes for ca ri ga out there. Although I have tried many of them, I keep coming back to this one, which I have been using for the last twenty years or so. Its use of both curry powder and curry paste, the use of less coconut milk than some other recipes, and the frying of the potatoes before adding them to the sauce are what set this curry apart. “

Canh Dua Chua Thia La – Pickled Mustard Green and Dill Soup – from Ravenous Couple

“in this post we want to feature dill and mustard greens–pickled mustard greens to be exact. This seemingly strange combination makes for a deliciously fragrant and tangy soup called canh dua chua thia la, found in many Vietnamese homes but never in any restaurants…”

Vietnamese Braised Pork and Eggs in Coconut

This dish requires caramelised sugar, which adds a nice sweet caramel flavour to the dish, and also gives the meat a nice reddish brown colour. I used canned coconut juice, remember to use those without any added sugar, fresh is of course preferred and best. Instead of braising the meat for hours, I used the pressure cooker then left it to simmer uncovered to reduce the sauce.


Sinh Tố Cà Phê (Vietnamese Coffee Shake) from The Culinary Chronicles

In Việt Nam, Sinh Tố is usually made with fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, and avocados. It’s blended with milk, condensed milk, and ice to make a deliciously refreshing treat. But since I’m a major caffeine addict, I thought a Cà Phê flavored Sinh Tố would be the best of both worlds.

Chè hai màu – two-color drinks – A food lover’s Journey

“This is a kind of popular Vietnamese desserts, which are very versatile. The ingredients can vary from cooked mung bean, various kinds of tapioca pearls to jellies etc. All are served with sweetened coconut milk, and some crushed ice in summer. I love the look of this dessert. It is surely colorful, cheerful and can be an instant ‘pick me up’. In fact the name of the drinks varies depending on the number of colors of the ingredients – three, and even seven”


Bánh quy (turtle mochi) by Flavor Boulevard

They’re round and flat at the bottom, each placed on a small cut of banana leaf, purposefully shaped like a turtle shell resting on wet grass. If you look closely you can even see some faint crevices near the rim. So there, mystery unveiled: “quy” means “turtle” in Han-Viet, and the banh gets its name from its look…

Phuoc and her ‘snake banquet’ adventure – from Phuoc n delicious (Warning! animal activists/environmentalists/vegetarians, look away!)

“that night we decided to go to Le Mat snake village to try the snake banquet. There are several restaurants here specialising in snake, so not knowing which one to go to I asked our taxi driver to take us to the best one he knows. Through narrow and often dark streets he took us to this place that was in the middle of nowhere! “

If you are into snake adventure, here’s another account from Bunny.Eats.Designs.

Eating In The Old Quarter, Hanoi – Bunny.Eats.Design

“I looked forward to the restaurants and street vendors that specialised in 1 thing and 1 thing only. You don’t really get that kind of expertise in Auckland. Here they try and offer everything instead of perfecting one thing. We were ready to eat noodle soup, lemongrass chicken, bahn mi and, unbeknownst to my husband, snake…”

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