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{Food Video} Kitchen Art Living Series #1: Seasoned Avocado Bruschetta

I am so excited to feature my first ever food video on this blog!!! Finally, after a few weeks of planning and production, I have convinced my sister Mai to take on this adventure with me (she did the camera work and editing). I have loved food photography for so long, but with food videos, things are a lot more different and fun.

Avocado Bruschetta

I am proud to say this simple video would not be here if I didn’t have a chance to work with an amazing team at Kitchen Art: Chi Anh, Mai, Viet and Kien. We spent a lot of time on Whatsapp and Skype to discuss the concepts and ideas. *a group hug*

Below is the HD link in Vimeo. And the little piece I wrote for Kitchen Art to launch the series. We aim to produce one video per month for this series. Please support us (and me!).

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Turkish Dill and Feta Bun (poğaça)

Turkish Dill and Feta Bun (poğaça)

And celebrate Ramadan in style…

During Ramadan we naturally eat more Middle Eastern food in our house, particularly Turkish food. I owe these habits to all the friends & mothers I have known over the year. I didn’t have a Ramadan cooking repertoire under my belt before marriage.… Continue Reading ...