Pure melon sorbet & book signing in Singapore!


Oh, hello! Remember me?

I cannot believe that it has been nearly six months since I last posted an entry. Time flies! There are so many things to update: my trip to Hanoi & Hoi An, my cookbook with Chi Anh finally releasing *soon*, and also the upcoming trip to Singapore/Hanoi to release not one, but two cookbooks!… Continue Reading ...

On gardening & Donna Hay’s lemon yoghurt cake


I used to be much more enthusiastic about gardening. In the first year we moved to our current home, I spent a few months designing our garden boxes, sourced heirloom seeds and grew a number of my veggies during summer. It was an exhausted process.… Continue Reading ...

{Visual Diary in Film } last autumn, this winter


Whatever happened to July (and August, too?). How winter came so fast and quickly? As I’m buried myself in more work and projects, time has been flying so fast. I tended to forget the captures in my DSLR, but the limited number of frames in a roll of film urges me to remember, to travel back in memories.Continue Reading ...